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V ZONE is a cosmetic kit composed of ingredients designed to improve the overall look of the skin and especially the periocular area, promoting its elasticity and visibly brightening it starting from the first applications.

With a thickness of about 0.33mm, the skin around the eyes is five times thinner than that of the rest of the face and three times thinner than a sheet of paper. The eye contour, in addition to the lack of collagen and elastin that protect and plump the skin, is composed of few sebaceous glands which makes it naturally dry by weakening its hydrolipidic film made of sweat, sebum and water.

V Zone is the ideal cosmetic solution, to improve the look of this delicate area, composed of:

Gel Instant Net: highly indicated to reduce the look of dark circles and under eye bags, to promote elasticity and obtain firmer-looking skin. Moreover, thanks to the presence of Ruscus in its formulation, a noble cosmetic ingredient, an antioxidant effect is also provided.

Eyes Serum: supreme serum to smooth and reduce the look of wrinkles and nourish the eye contour area, thanks to ultimate ingredients such as Snail Slime and Polynucleotides.

Lashes Gel: pinnacle solution for longer, thicker and stronger looking eyelashes and eyebrows

V ZONE: Advanced cosmetic solution for visibly improving the look of the periocular region, eyebrows and eyelashes and to obtain an overall radiant and young look!

The box of V Zone contains:

2 spheres of Gel Instant Net, each of 10 mL

2 droppers of Eyes Serum of 6.5 mL each

2 vials of Lashes gel of 6.5 ml each

V Zone benefits:

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