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Skin aging is an inevitable physiological process that begins around 25, reason for which researchers are daily seeking alternatives to slow down this process.

Thanks to the innovative systems developed by VM Corporation, using increasingly effective cosmetic ingredients and the latest application methods, “signs of aging can finally be reduced!”

Elastic Bubble Gold Rosè is VM’s latest addition among its wide selection of high-quality products. A cosmetic system used to obtain a visibly rejuvenated, revitalized and radiant looking skin.

Elastic Bubble Gold Rosè contains the following:

Elastic Polymer Glue: the perfect cosmetic formulation to restore and protect the skin’s moisture barrier by always keeping it hydrated. The presence of Hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides together allow obtaining a more radiant and revitalized skin, improving the overall complexion.

Serum Gold Rosè: the exclusive serum composed of seaweed which, thanks to this natural ingredient, nourishes the skin, hydrating and protecting it from environmental factors that cause skin dryness.

Bubble Eraser: the presence of peptides, magnesium microspheres, sodium and aluminum silicates in its formulation allows to visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles for immediate younger-looking skin.

The box contains two 30 mL spheres of Elastic Polymer Glue, 1 vial of 15 mL of Serum Gold Rosé and a 15 mL dispenser of Bubble Eraser.

Elastic Bubble Gold Rose’ benefits:

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